7 Ways to Feel Good About Yourself

  • Accept Yourself
    • Identify your strengths, weaknesses, abilities and difficulties and accept them ;
    • Know your strengths, weaknesses and abilities and how people around you accept them;
    • Have a positive outlook on yourself and your past life ;
    • Be comfortable with who you are ;
    • Know and accept yourself ;
    • Believe in your personal dignity ;
    • Believe you have the necessary resources to face various situations  ;
    • Be a good listener and supporter and be compassionate ;
    • Believe you have knowledge and a skill set that are still developing ;
    • Feel like you can accomplish tasks of various difficulties ; have the necessary resources to develop different abilities ;
    • Live with the others around you while staying connected to yourself ;
    • Have the courage to Avoir le courage de reconnaître ses souffrances et ses vulnérabilités ;
    • Accepter ses échecs et en tirer profit.

    Une bonne estime de soi nous aide à reconnaître nos besoins et à les exprimer ; elle nous donne le pouvoir de dire non ; elle nous aide à utiliser notre créativité, à établir des relations interpersonnelles positives, à traiter les autres avec respect.

  • Take Action
    • Learn from your experiences to act otherwise in the future ;
    • Have goals and take action to reach them. Have the feeling that your life has direction ;
    • Have positive and encouraging goals and work towards achieving them ;
    • Have personal and collective goals ;
    • Have a sens of belonging to something bigger than yourself ;
    • Give meaning to your life and other events ;
    • Feel free ;
    • Examine your past and present to understand your strengths and weaknesses, solve problems, face difficult situations, broaden prospects for the future ;
    • Be grateful to what you are living and the good things that happen to you ;
    • Contribute to your community ;
    • Give ;
    • Be caring ;
    • Meet challenges and surpass yourself.

    Taking action is giving meaning to life. 

  • Feel the Moment
    • Feel the emotions and feelings that inhabit us (pain, suffering, joy, anger, tenderness, envy, etc.), give them a place, allow yourself to express them ;
    • Go towards comfortable emotions when possible.

    Feeling the moment is recognizing your emotions, understanding them, and accepting them. It is knowing yourself, accepting yourself, working on yourself and developing as an individual.

  • Make Choices
    • Feel like you are at the origin of your actions ;
    • Be able to assess yourself according to your personal rules ;
    • Have the ability to make choices;
    • Recognize your capacities and competencies that help you achieve what you want ;
    • Seek emotional support (be able to confide, be understood, receive advice, etc.), be able to count on someone if necessary, cooperate and help others ;
    • Choose your values, feel free inside ;
    • Have control over your environment, make effective use of the surrounding opportunities ;
    • Be able to create contexts that are appropriate to your needs and values ;
    • Be part of the solution.

    Making choices is being autonomous.

  • Explore
    • Show an openness to discover new ideas, new perspectives, to look at things differently to help find solutions and overcome obstacles ;
    • Create in your daily life, do things your own way ;
    • Demonstrate openness to yourself, to others, and to events ;
    • See things from different angles ;
    • Be free inside your head ;
    • Be open to what life brings you, to change what you can change and accept what you cannot change ;
    • Feel like you are part of a continuous development ;
    • Be open to new experiences ;
    • Have the feeling you are realizing your potential and improving yourself, which allows better knowledge of yourself.

    Exploring is opening yourself to life. 

  • Foster Relationships
    • Have warm, satisfying, and caring relationships ;
    • Care for the well-being of others ;
    • Be capable of empathy, affection and intimacy ;
    • Give and take ;
    • Cultivate relationships ;
    • Have a social belonging, feel connected and supported by others ;
    • Live with others while staying connected with others ;
    • Believe in your own dignity and the dignity of others ;
    • Social acceptance. 

    Fostering relationships is establishing healthy and caring relationships.

  • Reenergize
    • Establish your priorities ;
    • Maintain a balance between the various components of your life: social, physical, mental, economic, spiritual ;
    • Have a rhythm of life that suits you: promote pleasure, diversified activities, break time; seek a balance that meets your different needs; ;
    • Take calculated risks ;
    • Develop your ability to take up challenges ;
    • Take breaks to get away from stress ;
    • Look for what makes you feel good : laughing, eating, make love, taking a break, living in the moment... ;
    • Target things you love and take the time to get involved ;
    • Get enough sleep ;
    • Make way for humour ;
    • Do physical activity and generally take care of your body ;
    • Establish a realistic budget according to you reality.

    Reenergizing is making way for things you love.